Autism therapy firm moves into Ohio after state law broadens insurance coverage

An Indianapolis company is bringing two autism therapy centers to central Ohio as part of a plan to ultimately open 20 sites and provide about 1,000 jobs across the state. The Hopebridge centers, slated to open in late April in Dublin and Westerville, are among 10 the company plans to have operating within a year, chief executive Dennis May said……

A child with severe impairment could require 20 to 40 hours of ABA therapy each week, services that could cost as much as $70,000 a year, Unumb said. The new laws open the therapy up to children from non-wealthy families. …..“It’s absolutely life-changing,” she said. “We see all over the country children who had no access to ABA therapy before making remarkable gains.” …….

Marla Root of the Ohio Autism Insurance Coalition said the group works to introduce providers to Ohio. “We definitely have already seen some providers from other states looking to come into Ohio, absolutely, and we’re hoping that’s the case,” she said. “We have a lot of need and, especially, we have a lot of under-served areas. Some providers, however, continue to hang back as Ohio works to include ABA as a Medicaid benefit, Root said……

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The Columbus Dispatch, March 15, 2018