Medicaid’s OhioRise initiative kicks off July 1st. Focus on Supporting Youth in need of Intensive Behavioral Stabilization Services

Date: July 1, 2022Author: Root Consulting, LLC0 Comments

Today is a great day for supporters of the advocacy work done by The Elijah Glen Center, Step By Step and so many other parents and advocates. It’s July 1st and parents no longer have to give up custody to the state to access behavioral stabilization services for their children. Below is a link to the OhioRise fact sheet and informational video that shares the new services and supports to help families keep their loved ones at home and if needed, a new funding source for out-of-home stabilization placements. A big thank you to #GovernorDewine, #OhioMedicaid, and some amazing advocates that worked so hard to get #ohiorise off the ground. Here is a link to a factsheet and here is a link to watch the informational video.