Urgent: A new state budget amendment could deny children with autism much needed stabilization services. Please Contact your State Senator today

OhioRise is the new proposed Medicaid program to support children in crisis with autism and other disorders with much needed behavioral health treatment services to stabilize without any threat of custody relinquishment to cover the cost of treatment. The OhioRise Medicaid program is a part of the state budget working through the Statehouse.

Please call or write your state Senator today and ask them to delete the 333.250 amendment in the Senate Version of state budget in the Sub HB110 and to vote in the entire OhioRise program without any deletions or changes. Find my State Senator at: https://www.ohiosenate.gov/senators/district-map

Stakeholders and the Department of Medicaid have been working closely together to build the OhioRise Medicaid program to support these children and their families. This amendment could completely put us back to the drawing board and leave families that have been exhaustedly advocating and in desperate need of these services, without the help.