Proposed ABA Benefit in Medicaid Stalled

The proposed Medicaid ABA benefit called CIBS was pulled from JCARR and will not be a benefit available in August. The rule was pulled due to budgetary constraints.

It has been well documented the State faced a $1.05 billion-dollar revenue shortfall in the State Budget. But with over a $2 billion in the rainy day fund and Medicaid underspending by $1.3 billion in SFY 2016, we were hopeful CIBS would move forward. Per the rule’s fiscal analysis, “This proposed rule is expected to be budget neutral and have no fiscal impact for the agency during the current biennium” since ABA was already being provided under CPST services in the Medicaid community mental health system.  We hope CIBS will only be postponed and we will continue our efforts to assure people with autism get access to Medicaid benefits for ABA treatment.