Rally to Stop Freeze on New Medicaid Enrollees. Ohio Representatives will vote Thursday to Override Kasich’s Veto. Call your Ohio Representative.

ndividuals with autism will be among the estimated 500,000 people expected to lose health insurance if a freeze on new Ohio Medicaid enrollees passes. Ohio’s Medicaid expansion mostly covers the state’s working poor population.  Governor Kasich stood up for Ohioans and vetoed the Medicaid freeze line item in the proposed state budget. However, the House of Representatives will vote to attempt to override Kasich’s veto and freeze or cap new enrollees this Thursday.

Call Today, the Vote is Thursday! Tell your Ohio Representative to “vote No on overriding Kasich’s line-item veto on freezing new Medicaid enrollment.” 

Click here to find your legislators:

At least 60 Representatives and 20 Senators would have to vote yes to override the veto.  Please call today!