Status of Accessing Benefits Under The Autism Insurance Mandate

On April 12, 2017, Governor Kasich signs Autism Insurance Mandate legislation amongst children impacted by autism. What a great way to celebrate Autism Awareness Month by having a signing ceremony for the passed legislation.

Per The Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) on May 8, here is the current update on the status of health insurance plans adding the autism insurance mandate benefits to their plans.

  • Group and employer-sponsored health insurers submit plans throughout the year to ODI for approval. Many plans have already submitted plans starting July 1, 2017. These plans will be required to add the autism insurance mandate at the time.  The mandate impacts grandfathered (prior to ACA) fully insured large and small employer-sponsored Plans.
  • Individual and Family non-group/non-employer health insurers submit plans in the spring for approval by ODI to go into effect in January 2017. ODI is unsure at this time if these types of plans will be required to add the autism insurance mandate now, but will most likely add the benefit in January 2017.  The mandate impacts grandfathered (prior to ACA) individual and family non-group/non-employer plans.

Want to learn more about the mandate? Check out the FAQ tab on the main menu and click on the FAQ Directive Vs Mandate to learn more.